Friday, August 28, 2009

Farm Living is the Life for me.....

Jess had been helping in the kitchen, then she put her dad's boots on to run outside.

I have been itching to do Nature Study. I just envision us sitting on a lovely blanket with our sketchpads being filled with the wonder of God's creation. That might sound lovely and it would fulfill my Charlotte Mason dreams, but it just has not happened.

This is the closest I have come. We walked out to the barn to see what Dad was working on and snapped a few pictures.

Some of the new goats.

The crazy calf that chased me down in the pasture
Boy, I know how she feels. : )

Josh with don't ask and I will not tell.

Little Jenna

Too cute!

You can see we have plenty to study on and since fall is on the way I am still hoping to make it happen!


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