Friday, June 5, 2009

So Blessed

Well this past weekend was very emotional and stressful. It started with that all too familiar croup sound coming from my little Jenna around midnight on Friday night. After a trip to the emergency room for a shot and a breathing treatment she was back home around 5:00 am. This poor child is tortured by the croup and absolutely hates for her nose to run. Of course, as it is with a cold and other children in the house the baby caught the cold but thank the Lord she did not croup.

So then we go to bed Sat. night. Before the sun came up I heard Josh and Greg stirring around and then I smelled smoke. I jumped out of bed and was stunned to see Josh's room filled with smoke. I hurried back to my room to get the baby and then met the others on the front porch while Greg investigated the smoke. I had checked on Josh around 1 am. I thought he was sleeping. Sometime after that he turned on the lamp to look at a book and fell asleep knocking the lamp onto the mattress. He had the door completely closed. The room was absolutely full of smoke. Greg and I could not stop coughing just trying to get the mattress out of the house. I am telling you that God had to have His mighty hand over Josh's face. The child never coughed not once. He had calmly walked into the room to get his dad saying "Dad, I need you in my room." No yelling, no excitement, just "Dad, I need you now."

Then on Monday Greg had to go to a meeting with the company he works for and was told. "If you have a job you will come home in your company truck, if not you will go home in a taxi" Needless to say, waiting for him to call and tell me if he was still employed was a long day. All thanks to God, he made it. Had he been one man lower on the totem pole he would not have. Several of his friends lost their jobs that evening. All of them have families. Please pray for them.

I feel like we went through a storm and all I can do is thank God for His mercy, grace, protection. I tell you I do not have the words to express how I feel. I am very humbled by it all. I know that I do not deserve any more than anyone else.

I love my family. I am so thankful we are all still together. I can't think about what could have been, if I do I just cry. God has been so good to us.


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