Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Great Fellowship

Two of the cutest hobbits you will ever see!

Sharing the love of piano.

Best Bud's


What could be more fun than this?

I am so thankful for the fellowship we have with our friends and fellow homeschoolers. You may recognize them from the blog How Sweet the Sound. For many years I prayed that the Lord would send our way a family that lived close enough that we could have regular visits and that our children would get along and enjoy each others company. Add to that the wish that the Moms would also love to talk and spend time together and be able to encourage each other. Well, the Lord answered my prayer greater that I could have anticipated.....the other mom is also a preacher's wife and makes a good cup of coffee! God is good....He is so thoughtful of the little things that bring joy. (Like our book and movie collection and that with each visit we walk away with our own sack of borrowed books, audiobooks and dvds!)

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