Thursday, March 5, 2009


Jenna loves the computer.

Enjoying Janie Elise as she grows so fast.

Working hard on math.
What a wonderful spot for a school lesson.

What a precious picture.

The everyday brings great blessings if you can just look beyond the monotony of task done over and over.

We are so blessed to be together.

The picture just above is of Janie Elise and my Dad. Technically he is my step-father, but there has been nothing "step" about him. From the moment I remember meeting him I remember a kindness and sweetness that was needed so greatly in my life at that time. I was 10, my brother was just 2. God brought him into our lives after we lost our dad. He sent him, I will always see God's hand in that situation.

To have him love my children as much as any "blood related" grandfather is such a wonderful blessing. They don't even comprehend that he is anything but Poppa. I would venture to say that he loves them more that some "real" grandfathers do their own. He has been there. Generous. Supportive. Steady. A Blessing!


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