Wednesday, October 29, 2008

A Moment of Grace

Janie asleep in the sling. (yes, she has baby acne)

As I was cooking supper with the baby in the sling, in the midst of many things undone, in what could have been a day full of frustration, I just felt so peaceful and blessed. This song came to my mind. I sat at the piano, with her still in the sling, close to my chest. She was so close that her little fuzzy head was easily kissable and I sang this song. I was just simply overwhelmed by God's grace and these lyrics express what I can't. Little Janie went sound asleep while I cried and sang, counting my blessings and being amazed by God's love.

I Am No Stranger To Grace
by: Kyla Rowland

My first thought this morning was of my great riches,
what substance, such treasures the morning did bring,
there was joy beyond telling,
a hope beyond fading,
I'm acquainted with all of these things.

cho: I am familiar with mercy,
known my share of victories,
covered with compassion every day along the way.
The sweetest love, there has been plenty
forgiveness when need be
I am no stranger to grace.

Praying this morning as I tried to thank Him,
His peace fell around me the same as yesterday.
Even though my tomorrows. may have sadness and sorrow
I will still be no stranger to grace.


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