Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Little Happenings

Jenna, with her new backpack (Thanks, Mrs. Tara). She loaded it with her things, got on her tricycle and announced, " I am going to Panama City!"

Reading time. Notice the blanket, I'll talk more about that in a moment.

There is nothing like Sunday afternoon naps. Jenna told dad, "Lets take a little nap." He was more than happy to do that with her.

My poor family. No, this picture was not taken in the middle of winter. I am sure that day it was around 100 degrees outside. Remember, I am 34 weeks pregnant. I walked down the hall and felt a heat wave coming from Josh's room and this is what I saw. That also explains the girls under the blanket. : )

I just love the everyday happenings. I think it is when I count my blessings the most. It is the normalcy of our days, just living life together, greeting Dad excitedly when he comes home, eating dinner around the table and enjoying a Daniel Boone movie all together at night that I am thankful for. Too many families are torn apart, too many Mom's and Dad's separated, too many children lonely and hurting. I am so grateful for our home.


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