Monday, June 2, 2008

Girls Will Be Girls.

Here are some fun pictures of Jessie and her friend WF playing dress up. I love that they still do this, I have pictures of them doing this 5 years ago and if I could find them I would post it too :)

and a silly pose........

Speaking of girls. Our new baby is a GIRL!!! So, the kids were really expecting a boy and they are insisting that the ultrasound was wrong. In the meantime I am having a hard time coming up with names. As you know our children names all begin with the letter "J" (Jessica, Joshua & Jenna)
Please give me your best suggestions and also tell me would you stick with the "J" theme? Some people are just taken aback when I even suggest that I will NOT do another "J" name? Is it going to be that big of a deal? What do you think?


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