Wednesday, December 26, 2007

A Blessed Christmas.

Are these not the prettiest little maidens you have ever seen?

This is my Granny and Aunt

This is my Nana and Dad

My Brother and his wife.

Be thankful we did not get your childs name at Christmas. This little one got a goat! (She was so excited, I am not sure about her parents.) My Granny insisted that we bring it in the house!

Jenna loves her Uncle Donald

At Church
This is my Mamaw with Maddie

Jessie and Daddy

My Mom and Dad

Jessie holding Maddie

Greg with his Grandmother and Mother

My SIL and her family

Greg's Parents
Although it can be challenging to get to 6 family gatherings in 2 days. I know that I am blessed to have this much family this close together that have as much fun as we do when we get together.
You should have seen my uncle adding his name to all of the gifts to my Granny. I have a video. I should post it. The gift tag would read something like this:
To: Granny From: Greg, Melanie & kids & Ray.
To: Granny From: Donald & Debbie & Ray....
You get the point don't you? It really is funny just anticipating what someone is going to come out with next. It was a great Christmas. Now the clean up begins........ugh!


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