Saturday, December 22, 2007

As Christmas day approaches I find myself thinking more and more about Mary and how she must have felt. The word of God tells us that Mary was highly favored among woman. No doubt that she knew the prophecies about the coming Messiah. What must she have been feeling when the angel spoke to her and told her that she would carry the Promised One in her womb.

I hold my children tight and pray prayers for them, sometimes I become so overwhelmed that silent tears stream down my face when they are in my arms. I agonize with the Lord over the life that lays before them. I beg Him for their salvation. I want them to live long happy lives, don't we all want this for ours? Yet, if Mary believed God and knew the prophecy, then she very well knew what lay ahead for that dear little baby that she held in her arms. Just as we rejoice over every little thing ours do, don't you think that she had the same feelings? I have thought about this for several days. God has so much love for us, far greater than anything we are capable of feeling. He knew what was ahead for His precious Son. If anyone hurts our babies we get all feisty like a mother hen, but for me and all of the world God watched his humble, precious Son take on our sins and be beaten, spat upon and mocked. I cannot even begin to understand. I know that I am the least among the least and I am amazed that an old sinner like me has been made the child of the King.
Merry Christmas.


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