Monday, November 19, 2007

The TePee (again)

They are still playing in the TePee and always wanting me to come see it.
If you don't know about the TePee, see this earlier post.

With this weather it is not hard to get me to walk down the path to visit them.I just love their imagination. I am thankful that they do not know that it is not cool for a 12 year old girl to enjoy playing with her 8 year old brother and neither of them think that their 2 year old sister is a bother.

Jessie, making acorn mush.


Josh, showing off his fence.

Care for tea?

Jenna's looking for the cat.

I guess you know by now, I love songs. This is the one on my heart today.

Still Blessed

Sometimes I wake up in the morning,

I see I made it through the night,

I listen for my family, sure enough their alright

As we gather 'round the table, bow our heads in thankfulness

With tear filled eyes my heart cries, Still Blessed.



There's never a day he doesn't give me all I need

Even when I wake up to a storm, my soul has peace.

Sometimes I try to count them, there too many I confess,

so with arms up raised I just say, Still Blessed.


Now I don't want to leave my family,

I don't want to leave my friends,

Oh, but lately my hearts been homesick how I long just to be with Him

So in the morning should you find me with my eyes closed in death, what victory, what glory, Still Blessed!


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