Monday, November 12, 2007


After having conversation with a friend this morning about how Satan would like nothing more than to destroy as many people as he can I began singing this song. I have sung this song many, many times but the first few words grab me every time. I know how close I came to being destroyed by him and I grow each day to appreciate what Jesus done for me and what He brought me from.
Saved From the Flames of Hell
By: Kyla Rowland
How Satan would have loved to destroy my soul,
that was his burning desire.
Till one day by grace, though faith in a cross,
the Lambs blood put out the fire.
I'm saved, I'm saved, redeemed and set free
no longer a poor sinner lost,
for between me and the flames of hell
is the blood He shed and an old rugged cross.
Now it's the same blood that stands in the gap for us all,
fire can't burn a blood washed soul,
and we could all be sent to that fiery place,
but for the sweet Lamb from whose veins it flowed.


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