Monday, November 5, 2007

Our School Room

I have always loved seeing where other homeschool moms have school. This room is a blessing that I never would have imagined we would have ever had.We have had school every where in our house, including the foyer closet (that was neat, just not enough room) My husband so graciously gave up the garage for us to have this wonderful space. My brother, who is always willing to help, did most of the work. Between him, my husband and my mom we did not have to hire any labor. Here are some pictures.

Here is the media center. Is that not the coolest bookcase. Thanks Dad!

Here is where we like to read and Jenna has some of her toys.

Shelves and bookcases, you can't get too many of those!

The shower board that we made into a whiteboard works like a charm and was so cheap. Jessie is always doodling on it : )

This area is used for overflow from the kitchen and hobby stuff. (I once was an avid scrapbooking nut) No, I don't sew (yet) I just want to really bad.

Hope you enjoyed looking. Now, I have to get to school.


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