Monday, October 15, 2007

Socks, Socks, Mom I dont have any socks!

I am going to scream if I hear that again. Today we went and spent about $30-$35 on socks, no kidding and I bought the ones on clearance! I have had a plan for socks in this house for some time and my DH sticks to it. For some reason the kids just don't get it......maybe next time they can spend their own money for socks. Here is my plan of attack. Like I said I had a plan, I have added to that and now I am going full force ahead with enforcement.

Here they are being labeled

I have numbered and initialed every pair, once they are taken off they will immediately be pinned (for the next week I will collect the socks and demonstrate this to the dc) However, should I miss sock removal they have been labeled. You can see I am using child's initials and a sock number
Here is my pin box
This is important, pin the socks this way to hold up better in the wash.

Now, I write all of this with lots of humor. I am a detail person and this just makes sense to me. I hope you enjoyed it and perhaps it will help someone else who often hears that dreaded phase "Mom, I have no socks!"


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