Wednesday, October 3, 2007

Let Me Help

Here is little Jenna helping her very patient dad water the animals (actually, the ground). What this picture does not tell is that he was in a big hurry trying to get to a revival meeting. Nevertheless, he let her help. Patience does not come naturally to me. More times than I care to count I have been guilty of telling one of my children, "Not now, just let me get finished." A few months ago I had a conversation with a lady about one of my children's education. Somehow the conversation turned to how this particular child functions in the home. I said well, this child is a daydreamer. I can tell the child to do something and when I go back to check progress it is obvious that a daydream has been in the making. The lady looked at me (note: I am waiting for her to agree with me that the child should do better) and said "How have you trained her?" I just looked at her. You see, I was good at giving out the orders (drill sergeant) but was I mothering? The lady kindly suggested that I take 30 minutes a day and train this child on some household chore that was appropriate. Not show and tell.... train...... as in teach the child and let the child do it. That was the best advice I have received in a long time. You would not believe the change in this precious one. I have thought a lot about what being a mother is since then. I am thankful for this advice and for lady that was wise enough to give it.

"It is the home that lays the foundation of a child's future. And though the strength of the foundation is determined by the virtues of both parents, it is a woman who holds the key to her children's heart in the early years of childhood. She has the privilege of weaving God's eternal truth into the daily lives of her children while they are still young and tender. A woman who is a mother, is she not greater than he that ruleth a city? Are not her children the foundation of all human life?" Fenelon, 17th Century.

Mother and Daughter with Vacuum
Mother and Daughter with Vacuum


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